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Data & Analytics

Evolution of Airline Digital Optimization and CRO Team

This podcast talk is special! We started our Airline Digital Optimization survey back in 2017 to help people who work in airline digital optimization and CRO with valuable resources and industry benchmarks. I personally met many great friends along the way, including airline digital experts like Eveline Lee from Scoot and Ismael Monzon, a CRO and analytics expert at Air Europa, who supported our research from...

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Airline Digital Analytics Evolution at Air New Zealand

This is the 5th and last 2021 talk in our Airline Data Talks series. Being more data-driven is always something that comes up when I talk to airline digital professionals, so we hope that this series will help you with your airline digital analytics evolution. Check out our special airline digital analytics content hub for special analytics resources and insights by airline analytics leaders. For our final...

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Airline Digital Experience Analytics

There is one thing you need to do if you want to build a great digital user experience: you need to understand your customers. You need to know their pain points, you need to see where they struggle on your website, you need to know where they have problems in your app. How can you know all that? Airline digital experience analytics is the answer. We talk...

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Airline Digital Analytics Implementation at VivaAerobus

I've been doing airline ecommerce consulting and benchmarks for a long time, and I've rarely seen a proper airline digital analytics implementation. If you want to do smart airline digital marketing, knowing how your business (e.g., website) is performing should be kind of a no-brainer, right? Proper measurement should be at the core of managing any business, especially a digital one. By proper, I mean you need...

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Airline Digital Talks - Remus Moraru Wizz Air

This is the first article in our new Airline Digital Talks podcast series. We're starting the new cycle of our Airline Digital Optimization Yearbook project, and during the research phase, I interacted with a lot of great digital minds from our industry. With the new series, we want to bring more exposure to the work of these airline digital professionals. How did the pandemic change their work?...

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Ido Biger CDO at EL AL Israel airlines talks about data-driven airline culture

"Data is the new oil" was probably one of the most popular airline clichés before COVID-19 hit. A data-driven airline definitely sounds smart, but can a data-driven approach help with airline recovery? Boston Consulting Group (BCG), one of the world's most renowned consultancy companies, definitely thinks so. They are stressing a data-driven approach as one of the key elements of recovery in their “Post-COVID-19 Flight Plan for...

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Travel Analytics Insights Over Coffee: Popularity Of Domestic Destinations

In last week's travel analytics insights, I showed you how COVID-19 changed our travel planning strategies. My plan this week was to continue the narrative using the same Skyscanner flight search data and present insights about conversion rates. However, something interesting caught my eye, and I decided to leave the topic of conversion rates for the next episode. What happened? [caption id="attachment_9254" align="alignright" width="285"] Source: Eamonn Brennan, EUROCONTROL[/caption] EUROCONTROL...

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Travel Analytics Insights Over Coffee: Advance booking analysis

Last weekend I was enjoying a short holiday break visiting a friend in Croatia. Seeing many tourists enjoying the summer, I started to wonder how far in advance they were planning their holidays this year since COVID-19 changed our behavior in so many ways. Personally, I am more spontaneous, and I’m making on the spot decisions for (mostly) shorter trips this year. But how about others?...

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Talking about agile travel analytics and how to analyze Skyscanner air demand data with Skyscanner

COVID-19 has turned most of the things we do in the travel and airline industry upside down. Most of the processes you’ve been doing for the past ten or even twenty years are all of a sudden not relevant anymore. One of the areas where this is definitely true is how you do travel analytics and analyzing air demand. What should a new method of demand...

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