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User & UX research

How to do airline UX research in the post-COVID-19 world

Building a great digital experience is all about understanding your users. We've been beating the drum about how agile airline UX research should be the core element of your optimization process even way before COVID-19 hit us. I've written about how Ryanair is doing airline UX research at scale and how Virgin Atlantic built their user-centric digital optimization team. However, one can argue that COVID-19 changed your users’...

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State of airline ecommerce - key highlights

If you want to deep dive into the state of airline ecommerce, you've come to the right place. Diggintravel is your best resource for ecommerce and digital optimization benchmarks. For the third straight year, we conducted an airline survey to understand airline ecommerce maturity when it comes to various parts of digital optimization: team setup, skills, user and UX research activities, digital analytics, experimentation & A/B...

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Anna Potanina, Digital Expert from Google talks about airline mobile UX design and CRO

Here at Diggintravel, we talk about airline UX design and CRO (conversion rate optimization) a lot. In the past, we showed you how airlines like Virgin Airlines and Ryanair do UX research and use it to improve their user experience. However, we haven’t provided you with any special airline mobile UX design and conversion optimization tips yet. Until now. We just started our 2020 Airline Conversion Optimization...

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Diggintravel 2019 Airline CRO Survey and Research, insights from best airline ecommerce experts

If you're serious about taking your airline ecommerce to the next level, then you need to master conversion optimization. Increasing conversion rate is something we all want to do, right? Here at Diggintravel, we really want to help you with that! One year ago we conducted our first-ever airline CRO research, where we surveyed 28 airlines. This year we wanted to make it even better! The Diggintravel 2019 Airline Conversion...

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Ryanair UX Research Case Study - How UX and usability research help improve their website

Remember the times when you almost felt like Ryanair didn't want you to make a booking with them? You landed on their website and it felt like a maze that you couldn't get out of unless you bought at least five add-ons - and you almost needed sunglasses because the banner ads were flashing so brightly from all sides. Those were the times when you...

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Airline user testing and UX optimization should work hand in hand

This is the second part of my interview with Martyn Reding, Head of UX and Optimization at Virgin Atlantic. In this part, I talked to Martyn about how they do their airline user research and how they optimize UX by focusing on user needs. For those who missed it, in the first part Martyn explained why and how they’re building their airline UX team from scratch. He also talked...

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How to build user-centric airline UX and Optimization Team - Virgin Atlantic case study

How do you recognize an airline UX designer? He is the "cool" dude sitting behind the biggest Mac screen with his headphones on. You know the guy, right? He always looks like he really doesn't want to be disturbed. If you try to look at his screen, he acts like you're invading his intimate space. It's like asking a painter to explain his painting before it's done....

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How to create better travel customer personas with Facebook Audience Insights and other tools

“Know your customers!”. The mantra of marketing. In fact, as a travel marketer, you should be quite familiar with it, since every good travel customer acquisition strategy starts with understanding your travel customer personas. Still, if you’ve never done a customer persona analysis before, this guide from Buffer is a great start. However, this article is not about HOW customer personas are built. It’s about how to do...

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