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Diggintravel Digital Retailing Academy

A new digital course designed especially for you, the airline professional. This 5-week, part-time program will teach you the fundamentals of digital retailing, digital optimization and digital product development.

We completed the most recent Academy session
in June 2021. Please register to be the first
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2.500 EUR tuition fee (Early bird: 1.990 EUR until April 10th)
Please register to be the first to know when the next Academy session is scheduled

How are we different?
[A 3-minute peek inside the Academy]

What our past participants say about us:

Learning by doing model

“I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.” – Chinese proverb

Let’s be real: the current one-way, self-serve online learning webinar model is broken.

Merely consuming information is not enough. We learn best when we apply knowledge, solve hard challenges, engage in discussions, and reflect upon our work.

We’ve tried to build this philosophy into the Digital Academy learning approach, which covers the entire process from learning to reflecting.

1. Learn

Each week, the new module starts with a video lecture divided into easy-to-consume chunks. We’ll also provide you with additional resources (articles, Q&A videos with experts) and airline case studies and frameworks. For those who want to know more, there will be a deep-dive section with advanced topics.

2. Do

For each module, you’ll receive a weekly exercise assignment. As you complete the assignment, you’ll apply the learnings to real airline cases and data. Your mentors will support you throughout the assignment, and you’ll be encouraged to engage with your peers.

3. Engage

This is the key part of the learning process: you will participate in small workgroups (5-8 people) where you will discuss the lecture content and assignments and both give and receive individual feedback from your peers and mentors. You’ll also discuss more advanced deep-dive topics with your mentors and take part in additional Q&A with our speakers.

4. Network

At the end of the 5 weeks, you’ll receive your Airline Digital Retailing certification. This, however, is not the end of your learning experience – you’ll stay connected with your mentors and peers via our alumni Slack group and yearly networking event. This will enable you to apply the principles you’ve learned and continuously upgrade your skills in order to be successful in your everyday work.

Curriculum highlights

Fundamentals (All participants):

Module 1 (week 1)
The Future of Airline Digital Retailing
Instructor: Iztok Franko (Diggintravel)
Learn where the airline industry is going with digital product and the ancillary model:

What does the airline marketer of the future look like?

The future of airline retailing

Airline digital growth formula (3 ways to grow)

Agile digital optimization framework

Module 2 (week 2)
Fundamentals of Airline Digital Optimization
Instructor: Iztok Franko (Diggintravel)
Learn how to increase your conversion rates and how to optimize your digital experience:

Why do the data-driven approach and digital optimization really matter?

Airline digital optimization maturity model and airline industry benchmarks

Fundamentals of the agile digital optimization process

Module 3 (week 3)
Leverage Your DATΑ: Agile Analytics & Visualization
Instructor: Boštjan Kožuh (Diggintravel)
Learn how to get value out of your data and find actionable insights:

Analytics fundamentals and key concepts (visualization, KPIs, segmentation)

Airline Booking Funnel KPI Framework

Agile analytics & business intelligence

Artificial intelligence applications in airline digital retailing

Module 4 (week 4)
Understand Your USERS: Agile User and UX Research
Instructor: Amanda Stockwell (UX lecturer on LinkedIn learning)
Learn how to understand your users and do agile user research:

User research fundamentals

UX research for agile teams

Airline booking funnel & ancillary research framework

Module 5 (week 5)
Solve Your Customers’ Problems: Agile Digital Product Development & Innovation
Instructor: Mike Slone (PROS)
Put it all together! Learn how to build airline digital product of the future:

Product and UX development fundamentals

Agile product development

Generating ideas for airline digital products of the future


In addition to fundamentals, we'll provide deep dives in smaller workgroups based on your preferences and interests. Here are some of the deep-dive topics we’ll cover:

Learn from and build relationships with great experts

4 different experts, 4 unique digital backgrounds and skillsets, all sharing one passion: to learn & teach.


Iztok Franko (Mentor/Instructor)


Iztok is passionate about digital marketing and e-commerce. He has more than 10 years of experience as a CMO and CIO in airline, travel and multinational companies. He conducts yearly airline digital research and benchmarks.

Areas of expertise: e-commerce, digital marketing, conversion optimization, digital analytics, airline ancillary revenue

boštjan kožuh

Boštjan Kožuh (Mentor/Instructor)

boštjan kožuh

Boštjan helps companies connect business with technology, uncover insights locked within their data, and compete on analytics. He is an expert in visualization, analytics and big data. In addition to his business Master’s degree, he completed a data and machine learning certification at Harvard Business School and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Areas of expertise: analytics, visualization, business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence

Amanda Stockwell

Amanda Stockwell (Instructor)

Amanda Stockwell

Amanda has been doing user experience research and design since 2008. She has worked with Fortune 100s, startups, and nearly everything in between, providing everything from interaction design to market research. She is one of the most popular UX and user research instructors on LinkedIn Learning.

Areas of expertise: UX, user research, agile teams, lean experimentation

Mike Slone

Mike Slone (Instructor)

Mike Slone

Mike is VP, Principal- Travel Retail at PROS. He has been working in the digital space for 20+ years and has a deep passion for human centered design, experience research and innovation in the travel industry.

Areas of expertise: UX, product development, airline booking engine development, digital innovation

Other contributors:

Richard Hammond

CEO at Uncrowd and the leading global expert on friction versus reward; author of books Friction/Reward and Smart Retail

Ravi Shankar

Global Head of Digital Marketing & Analytics at AirAsia.

Rui Pereira

Head of Product Design at eDreams Odigeo; former Head of UX Research at Ryanair

Stefan Thomke

Harvard Business School professor, author of the book “Experimentation Works” and authority on experimentation and innovation.

Tomi Maaniemi

Principal, Travel Division at PROS; former Head of Ecommerce at Finnair

Insights and case studies from companies like Ryanair, AirAsia, Virgin Atlantic, Wizz Air, Airbnb,, Skyscanner, Google and others.

Great Partner:

An Academy Powered by PROS

If you don’t already know us, PROS helps airlines become better digital retailers.

How? PROS AI-powered commerce platform enables airlines to dynamically price and personalize offers, while optimizing the digital shopping and booking experience for travelers leveraging smart UI.

Here’s a sneak peek at the power of PROS Retail for airlines.

With a legacy of over 30 years within the airline industry, PROS supports carriers on their journey to digital commerce. PROS airline customers benefit from decades of data science expertise infused into our industry solutions. Airlines, using PROS ecommerce solutions have increased online revenue by 10%, mobile conversion by 500% and stopover conversion by 1000%. Imagine what we can do for you.

Explore more retail insights

See PROS in action

Why launch the Diggintravel Digital Retailing Academy powered by PROS?

Both PROS and Diggintravel have a mission to transform airline digital commerce for the better. Together we bring a strong focus on customer experience and agile digital retailing as well as deep knowledge of how airlines create, distribute and deliver their products to travelers. This expertise is bundled together to deliver the Airline Digital Retailing Academy to you, the airline professional.

PROS aims to give back to the airline community by providing access to critical knowledge, expertise and airline success stories. We want to promote the recovery and sustainability of the industry we love by supporting airlines through a scholarship program. PROS will be awarding scholarships to selected applicants to attend the Academy free of charge. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact PROS.

What will I get once I complete this Academy program?

Still not sure? Check out our FAQ:

Who is this Academy for?

Our Academy is designed for everybody that wants to understand how airline digital retailing works and how the airline digital user experience and digital products are built. We’ll start with the fundamentals of each topic, so no prerequisite knowledge is needed.

The Academy is extremely relevant for all digital product, ecommerce and digital marketing people. Being creative with ads and great at targeting is not enough anymore. The best digital campaigns offer a great digital experience from the first click on the ad to the booking funnel and post booking. This training will provide you with an overview of all key elements of building a great end-to-end digital experience, which is essential for a successful digital marketing campaign and effective digital retailing.

Our course is also very relevant for all ancillary and revenue management professionals. Marketing is all about the 5 Ps: product, price, promotion, placement and people. Revenue management historically has been all about the price, but ecommerce, unbundling and ancillary revenue changed that. As a revenue manager or ancillary manager, you cannot look at the price or product in a silo anymore; you need to understand how digital retailing works and how digital products are really built. And this training will give you the fundamentals of this process.

Why us? How are we different?

There are two reasons why this Academy is unique. First, the current online learning model of simply watching videos or webinars is broken. It’s made for the masses, it’s one-size-fits-all, and people are alone in the learning process. Without engagement and support, it’s really difficult to learn new things. We want to change that and make learning the experience that it’s supposed to be.

In our Academy, airline professionals will learn in a micro-community environment, in a small group of no more than 30 people. You will have the support of mentors who will check on your progress, help you with assignments, provide feedback and make sure you get the most out of this training. In addition to the mentor feedback, you will be able to truly engage with your peers via the small groups. Our micro-community environment will not only enable you to learn the fundamentals of digital retailing, but you’ll also be able to select topics where you want to go beyond fundamentals and take a deep dive with a small workgroup of 5 to 8 peers and your mentors.

The second reason this Academy is unique is that it is the only airline industry digital training available on the market and it's been tailor-made for airline professionals. It was built on airline industry best practices and research, by people with more than 30 years’ experience working in the airline industry.

We really have a great team: two mentors and four lecturers, each with a unique digital background and skillset. Plus, we’ll bring you additional insights from global digital leaders outside of our industry to complement our lectures.

What will my commitment be?

Your mentors will be fully, 100% committed to supporting you throughout the program; however, we expect the same commitment from you.

Your expected weekly engagement will be approximately 6-8 hours per week throughout the 5 weeks of training.

This means listening to the lessons, reading the additional resources and materials, and working with your peers on your assignments. For those who want to explore further and really expand their knowledge base, we’ll provide additional deep-dive materials on certain topics based on your interests and preferences.

How will my weekly schedule look like?

The course will last 5 weeks, starting on May 10th, 2021. During the 5 weeks, we’ll go over 5 modules. Within each of the 5 weeks your typical schedule would be:

- Monday: the Lesson materials (lecture videos, additional materials) would be published

- Tuesday: your weekly assignment would be published

- Friday: Group Q&A live-call with Mentors or Lecturers (2 options to cover different time zones)

- Sunday: deadline to submit your weekly exercise

- Monday / Tuesday: you’ll receive your individual feedback from your mentors for your weekly assignment. In addition you’ll be asked to provide feedback to up to 3 peers for their assignment, and receive feedback from 3 peers as well.

During the whole week you’ll also have access to our engagement platform (Slack), where you’ll be able to chat 1-on-1 with mentors, or engage in group discussions with mentors and peers.

We’ll also publish special discussion topics and engage with people in small groups for the deep-dive topics (optional Q&As for deep-dives as well).

So, most of the things you’ll be able to do on your own pace and timeline within a week

Are there any prerequisites?

Knowledge & experience:

We’ll start with the fundamentals of each topic, so no prerequisite knowledge is needed.

However, we will provide additional insights with deep dives to go beyond the fundamentals for those of you who want to learn more about a given topic.


We use Slack for community and communication and Zoom for video conferencing.

We will distribute the course content by giving you access to a private Google Drive folder.

None of our tools require additional investment from students.

Is this basic / intermediate or advanced training?

It's a unique mix of both: understanding the fundamentals (for all participants) and additional deep dives where you'll be able to learn and discuss more advanced concepts (optional, based on student's preference).

To understand the end-to-end digital retailing process and how to build and optimize digital solutions, you'll need to have a good grasp on several areas (covered by our 5 modules).

We'll provide the fundamentals for all 5 modules, so for this part of the training you don't need prerequisite knowledge and the training may be considered basic / intermediate.

However, we understand some of you already have experience and know-how in some of these areas and you'll want to learn more. This is why we’ve designed the deep dives, where you'll be able to go beyond the fundamentals and learn about more advanced principles in a small group (5-8 people) with your mentors. To tackle these advanced concepts, we'll provide you with additional resources and case studies and you'll be able to engage with mentors and lecturers.

How does the application process work?

Because of the small, micro-community environment, spots in our Airline Digital Retailing Academy are limited. This is why we want to make sure each person who joins our Academy is motivated and committed.

To indicate your interest in registering for the Academy, please fill out the registration form.

Then our mentors will reach out to you and schedule an application call. On the call, we'll explain everything about the Academy to you and learn about you, your preferences and your motivation to join the Academy.

After the call, you'll receive an invoice, and once the invoice has been paid, your spot in the Academy will be confirmed.

What about the price (and ROI)?

Price or investment in your future?

The regular price for the Academy is 2.500 eur. The early bird offer valid until August 31st is 1.990 eur. This price allows us to work with you in a small group environment and a 1-on-1 personalized approach.

Support for individuals

We offer additional support for all individuals who will pay their Academy tuition on their own. We'll explain more after you submit your interest for the Academy via the registration form.

ROI for you personally

We know the situation in the airline industry is very though at the moment. However we also believe that investing in digital skills will make you much more valuable to your airline or in any other future engagement. The skills we'll teach you are the most sought after digital skills of the future. You'll also grow your network with great digital experts and leaders.

ROI for airlines 

Airlines need to invest in digital transformation and digital optimization.

If you increase your airline conversion rate by 10% based on the insights from the Academy - a mid-sized airline will cover the cost of the training in 1 day.

Reach out to us for more data to support your case with Management for the Academy.