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Data & Analytics

The Latest Airline AI News

 I know how hard it is for airline digital marketers to keep track of everything that’s happening in the AI arena. In the fast-moving world of AI, four months is like four years! That’s why I decided to chat again with AI expert Bostjan Kozuh in the latest Diggintravel Podcast about the biggest airline AI developments over the past few months and how you can apply...

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Modern Airline Digital Marketing

Ravi Shankar Mallavarapu was one of our first guests on the Diggintravel Podcast back in 2020. At that time, he served as the Chief Growth Officer at AirAsia, where he was instrumental in scaling up and transforming AirAsia’s digital marketing team into a modern, data-driven growth unit, embodying the essence of modern airline digital marketing. Now, three years later, Ravi has transitioned to the role of...

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ChatGPT for Airlines

Writing an article about ChatGPT for airlines was long overdue. By now, everybody has heard about it and most of us have played around with it, meaning we’ve at least used the ChatGPT prompt to see how it works. But ChatGPT and the new artificial intelligence models are much more than that. There is so much partial and unstructured information about ChatGPT that I felt there...

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airline dynamic pricing

Given the recent changes, we have been placing significant emphasis on data science at Diggintravel, recognizing it as a logical choice. And if I were to pinpoint the most significant area for airlines where data science can have a substantial impact, it would undoubtedly be in airline dynamic pricing and dynamic offers, which can be seen as the holy grail. However, leveraging artificial intelligence to build...

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Airline data science talk with LATAM airlines

This is the second part of our series of talks about airline data science with Andres Bucchi, Chief Digital Officer at LATAM. If you missed the first part, where we talked about experimentation and scientific decision-making, you can find the summary and full podcast audio here. In the past, I’ve talked with airline chief digital officers and chief data officers about how to build a data-driven...

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2023 Airline Digital Optimization Research and Survey

Diggintravel is your best resource for ecommerce and digital benchmarks. For the fourth straight year, Diggintravel conducted an airline survey to understand airline digital maturity when it comes to various parts of digital optimization: digital team setup, digital optimization skills, user and UX research activities, digital analytics, experimentation & A/B testing, digital optimization tools, internet booking engine flexibility and organizational support for digital optimization. Below you...

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Airline Scientific Decision Making - LATAM Airlines case

I met Andres Bucchi, Chief Digital Officer at LATAM, last year in September in Amsterdam. He reached out to me after listening to my podcast chat with Harvard Business School professor Stefan Thomke. He wanted to brainstorm ideas about experimentation. What surprised me once we started talking is that he had ideas about running experiments not only in the digital space, but in the real-world,...

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Evolution of Airline Digital Optimization and CRO Team

This podcast talk is special! We started our Airline Digital Optimization survey back in 2017 to help people who work in airline digital optimization and CRO with valuable resources and industry benchmarks. I personally met many great friends along the way, including airline digital experts like Eveline Lee from Scoot and Ismael Monzon, a CRO and analytics expert at Air Europa, who supported our research from...

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Airline Digital Analytics Evolution at Air New Zealand

This is the 5th and last 2021 talk in our Airline Data Talks series. Being more data-driven is always something that comes up when I talk to airline digital professionals, so we hope that this series will help you with your airline digital analytics evolution. Check out our special airline digital analytics content hub for special analytics resources and insights by airline analytics leaders. For our final...

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Airline Digital Experience Analytics

There is one thing you need to do if you want to build a great digital user experience: you need to understand your customers. You need to know their pain points, you need to see where they struggle on your website, you need to know where they have problems in your app. How can you know all that? Airline digital experience analytics is the answer. We talk...

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