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The Latest Airline AI News: How New Developments in AI Will Transform Your Airline Marketing

Iztok Franko

The Latest Airline AI News

I know how hard it is for airline digital marketers to keep track of everything that’s happening in the AI arena. In the fast-moving world of AI, four months is like four years!

That’s why I decided to chat again with AI expert Bostjan Kozuh in the latest Diggintravel Podcast about the biggest airline AI developments over the past few months and how you can apply them in your day-to-day work. If you missed our first chat about airline AI, check it out here.

In our latest podcast chat, Bostjan and I provide a helpful high-level overview of the AI landscape, from the intense competition between tech giants like Google, Microsoft and OpenAI over the next best generative AI model to cool new features like Advanced Data Analysis, DALL·E 3 and others in ChatGPT. As an airline digital marketing pro, you’ll appreciate our practical examples of how these new AI capabilities can boost your productivity and creativity, from writing code and analyzing data to generating images and creating airline digital ads and creatives.

So tune in to get the inside scoop on the AI tools and techniques that will soon be part of your everyday workflow. These insights from airline AI expert Bostjan will decode exactly how you can harness artificial intelligence to take your airline digital marketing game to the next level.

Airline AI News – Talk with Bostjan Kozuh, expert on artificial intelligence and data science

Listen to the new episode of the Diggintravel Podcast to learn about the latest airline AI news or read on for key highlights from our talk:

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Big Picture Trends and Why They Matter for Airline AI

We had to start our chat with a high-level overview first, so our conversation quickly zeroed in on the breathtaking pace at which AI is evolving. “Everybody is betting on AI,” Bostjan observed, pointing out the intense competition to craft increasingly sophisticated large language models (LLMs).

OpenAI with GPT-4, their model is currently still the best, but there are numerous news that very soon Google will come up with a model called Gemini that will surpass it. And all the others are also working on that, building models, they say, up to 100 times better than GPT-4. These should be available in the next let’s say 12 to 24 months.

Looking at the AI sphere, it’s evident that the field is a tapestry woven from both seasoned tech giants and agile newcomers.

The landscape is really diverse and very connected. There are people moving from one company to another, forming new companies, backing new companies. I would say the key players here are a combination of newcomers and old players, but based from the same people. OpenAI and Anthropic, also Inflection maybe, let’s say, are purely specialized in development of these models.

Then on the other hand we have Google with huge efforts; we also have Meta with a lot of opensource models. And then we have players like Amazon, Microsoft, and others that are mostly connecting to the big players and using their models and platforms.

Now, for those of you in airline digital marketing, this is where the conversation gets really interesting. We’re on the cusp of seeing these advanced AI tools integrate with the software we use every day.

Imagine the potential when AI enhancements are threaded through the fabric of tools like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace. Although Bostjan cautioned that the integration of these AI features might initially strain server capabilities, the trajectory is undeniable: AI is set to become an indispensable co-pilot in our digital journey.

New ChatGPT Features for Smarter Airline Digital Marketing

As Bostjan mentioned, OpenAI’s GPT-4 is currently still the best model, and they’ve been making a lot of the new features available for airline digital marketers to test and use. Here is an overview of the most important new ChatGPT features:

Advanced Data Analysis:

ChatGPT now enables airline marketers to directly analyze complex datasets, such as sales figures and booking patterns. I have used this, for example, to enhance my data analysis and visualizations. Think about analyzing your airline booking data and automatically identifying trends, or creating charts that highlight key market developments. It can also be used to analyze and improve Python code, which is a significant step up from the previous Code Interpreter feature.

Vision Capability:

GPT-4 Vision can interpret images, which is highly relevant for airline marketing. With this capability, marketers can upload visual content and receive assessments on aesthetic quality, messaging, and other critical marketing elements. Personally, I have uploaded airline ads and asked ChatGPT to analyze them, receiving feedback on visual appeal, messaging and other marketing elements, including suggestions for improvement. Think about uploading your latest Facebook or Instagram post creative and asking your AI assistant for suggestions on how to improve it.

Website and Link Analysis and Real-Time Data Access – “Browse with Bing”

Another new feature is one that summarizes web content and suggests improvements for webpages, which is useful for digital marketers and ecommerce specialists. This feature also enables ChatGPT to access up-to-date information from the web, which is essential for tasks that require the latest data. Think about asking your AI assistant to analyze your landing page for your new airline digital marketing campaign and provide recommendations for UX and CRO improvements. Another scenario is to ask ChatGPT to analyze and summarize your competitor’s page, highlighting the key elements. Or ask your AI assistant to provide a summary of a long article about the latest market developments and provide key highlights.

DALL·E 3 Integration:

This is the feature that will excite creative marketers the most! The integration of DALL·E 3 into ChatGPT allows users to generate AI images based on their instructions. Remember the Vison example, where I uploaded an airline ad and asked ChatGPT for recommendations for improvement? Now you can use those recommendations as a prompt to ask DALL·E 3 to create ads for your promotion or other marketing campaigns.

Putting New ChatGPT Features in Action

To demonstrate how some of the new ChatGPT features work, Bostjan and I tested them ourselves. We asked ChatGPT to help us analyze our podcast chat transcript, provide a summary of the key talking points, and then create a visual representation of our podcast chat.

The article you’re reading was written with the help of ChatGPT, and here are some of the creative ideas DALL·E 3 generated:

Latest Airline AI Developments

We also discussed some of the latest AI developments we’ve seen in the airline industry. Below are some examples; for more details, please listen to the whole podcast chat.

Lufthansa Group Digital Hangar introduced a ChatGPT service on their Intranet. Lufthansa’s ChatGPT@LHG serves as an internal knowledge base, assisting employees by providing instant access to information and reducing wait times while ensuring data security and confidentiality. This internal tool reflects a broader trend across industries, where companies build secure, internal-use AI tools for better privacy and content management.

Lufthansa built their internal ChatGPT mode - an airline AI example

Eurowings Digital developed their IssueAggregatorPro feature during a hackathon. It’s a tool that centralizes customer feedback across various channels and uses a predictive model to prioritize issues by potential impact and urgency. This tool could potentially integrate with customer service systems to enhance agent productivity by drawing on internal resources for faster resolution.

Insider, a customer experience platform helping airlines connect customer data and personalize cross-channel experiences has combined large language models and machine learning —including predictive, conversational, and Generative AI — to help airline marketers build relevant, timely, trustworthy customer experiences on autopilot. Their product, Sirius AI, allows marketers to create segments, build revenue-boosting customer journeys and create messaging content through simple command prompts, saving hours of manual effort and guesswork. Sirius AI is a great example of the trend Bostjan mentioned in our chat: advanced AI tools being integrated to streamline marketers’ daily tasks.

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