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Henry Harteveltd talks about airline industry trends 2020-2021

I didn't want this to be just another airline industry trends 2020-2021 article. (You know, the one where we write about the "unprecedented times" and add a chart to show how bookings have fallen off compared to last year.) Instead, to see what questions airline industry professionals are asking themselves right now, we asked you. Together with my colleague and fellow travel analyst Henry Harteveldt, I reached...

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Tips for airline personalization and experimentation from Ronny Kohavi

How are airline personalization and experimentation connected? Is machine learning the answer? Do you have the right KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your optimization, personalization and machine learning activities? I've seen so many articles and people talk about airline personalization. Almost all claim that it can't be done without data science and machine learning. On the other hand, there are not many resources that explain how you can...

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Diggintravel podcast talk about the future of airline distribution and retailing

"What will change? How do you see things happening now impacting the future of airline distribution?" I got this question recently when I was talking to a friend who works for a big European airline. Same as all of us at the moment, I didn't have a clear answer. Everybody knows things are going to change. The key question is not “will things change?”, but “how much...

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Airline innovation through Experimentation - Stefan Thomke

With the current COVID-19 situation, it's just impossible not to think of the impact it will have on the airline industry. However, one thing is clear: When demand for travel returns, airline innovation will be needed more than ever! We all will need to change how we do business: from product and strategy to capacity planning, scheduling, revenue management and marketing. While the extent of the changes might...

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Gartner's Digital Expert Tips for Conversion Optimization process

We are in the middle of our 2020 Airline Conversion Optimization research, so I can't think of a better time to talk about your conversion optimization process. While we see more and more airlines establishing conversion optimization teams and programs, there are still many of you that are not there yet. During my conversion rate optimization (CRO) research, I talk to many airline digital marketing and...

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Talking 2020 airline digital trends with Wizz Air CDO Joel Goldberg

One of the key goals of starting the Diggintravel Podcast was to provide you insights through digital and other airline industry leaders. So, as a part of the 2020 Airline Digital Trends Series, I'll talk to various airline Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and people who are involved with airline digital and ecommerce. You can see our past interview where we talked airline digital strategy with the...

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Episode 03 of the Diggintravel Podcast - talk about airline digital strategy with EL AL Israel Airlines

If you want to learn about airline digital strategy, then you are at the right place! Here at Diggintravel, we’ve provided you with many airline digital case studies over the past two years. Eurowings Digital, Turkish Airlines, and AirAsia are just some of the airline digital strategy cases we’ve covered for you recently. But as you know, the digital space is evolving so fast that you can...

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Anna Potanina, Digital Expert from Google talks about airline mobile UX design and CRO

Here at Diggintravel, we talk about airline UX design and CRO (conversion rate optimization) a lot. In the past, we showed you how airlines like Virgin Airlines and Ryanair do UX research and use it to improve their user experience. However, we haven’t provided you with any special airline mobile UX design and conversion optimization tips yet. Until now. We just started our 2020 Airline Conversion Optimization...

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Airline digital benchmarks done by Lufthansa Innovation Hub

“We want to become a digital airline!” It seems like every week there is a new piece of news about an airline CEO claiming that. But how digital are airlines actually? And with so many different airlines and business models, it seems almost impossible to create airline digital benchmarks to measure that, right? It may be so, but this is exactly what the research team at Lufthansa...

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Case study of airline digital transformation - Eurowings Digital

Do you know the two top airline search terms on Google? If you guessed “airline digital transformation” and “airline ancillary revenue,” you got it right. And right after digital transformation comes digital innovation. If you don't believe me when I say that the airline digital transformation narrative is a really hot topic, ask Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce. In his recent interview for The Australian, he predicted...

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