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Author: Iztok Franko

Airline Digital Talks - Remus Moraru Wizz Air

This is the first article in our new Airline Digital Talks podcast series. We're starting the new cycle of our Airline Digital Optimization Yearbook project, and during the research phase, I interacted with a lot of great digital minds from our industry. With the new series, we want to bring more exposure to the work of these airline digital professionals. How did the pandemic change their work?...

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Customer retention in travel on latest Diggintravel Podcast

When I talk to students in our Airline Digital Academy, I often ask them about the biggest challenge in airline or travel marketing. Customer retention in travel is rarely the first thing that comes to mind. But when we start talking about the challenges of uniqueness (how unique your solution is, whether it’s solving any unique problem), relevancy, and frequency (how often your product or service...

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Airline Industry Digital outlook 2021

Those of you who follow Diggintravel's content regularly know that we try to provide you with the best insights for different airline and digital experts. So, when I saw my colleague Henry Harteveldt from Atmosphere Research had published new research about the airline industry digital outlook and latest digital retailing trends, I had to talk to him. The research commissioned by the Accelya Air Transformation Lab...

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How to understand airline user behavior

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we'll travel in the near future. The things that seemed complicated a year ago, like figuring out visa restrictions, seem so simple now. Now there are so many new factors and restrictions that impact airline user behavior. Each country has its own policies, entry rules, and quarantine rules that make life for travelers more difficult. A second challenge airlines have...

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Building great travel digital products, Booking.com case

I was in the middle of my podcast talk with Lukas Vermeer, Director of Experimentation at Booking.com, when it hit me. We were talking about how experimentation helps you build better travel digital products when Lukas said something really powerful. Rolling out features is not the goal. Solving customer problems is the goal. And we don’t know which of the features that we’re rolling out are actually...

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Airline and airport robotics and innovation

How can airline and airport robotics help our industry adapt and change for the better? This is the question I tried to better understand about airline and airport robotics. I'm not a big expert on robotics, but when I was doing research for big-picture digital trends for our 2021 Airline Digital Trends Report, robotic and automation always popped out. Statista's Digital Economy Compass 2020 report shows that...

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2021 Airline Digital Trends report by Diggintravel

The goal of this paper is to provide you with insights into key 2021 airline digital trends that will define the airline industry in the future. What is the best way to learn what will be the key 2021 airline digital trends? Probably to ask the airline industry’s digital leaders themselves. At the beginning of January 2021, I reached out to more than 20 airline digital leaders and...

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2021 Travel Industry Outlook with Mauricio Prieto

When I was thinking about what the first article and podcast in 2021 should be, the choice was quite easy. It had to be the 2021 travel industry outlook – more specifically, a look into the future of travel distribution. Why? The first reason is that everybody is intrigued with how the future of travel distribution and retailing will look, especially in the post-pandemic world. The second reason...

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