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Airline Conversion Optimization Maturity Model [2019 Revised Version]

Iztok Franko

How can airlines asses their conversion rate optimization maturity

One of the goals of our yearly Airline Conversion Optimization Survey is to evaluate conversion rate optimization (CRO) maturity within airline organizations.

In order to do this, we examine several CRO maturity models and revise our Diggintravel Airline CRO Maturity Model.

For the [NEW] 2019 Airline Conversion Optimization report, we expanded the maturity model with one new area. Because being data-driven and mastering analytics is such a huge part of CRO, we added digital analytics as a new area.

The new and revised Diggintravel Airline CRO Maturity Model consists of 8 areas:

  • 7 general CRO areas: people, skills, digital analytics (a new area in 2019 revised model), activities, test quantity, tools, organizational support

  • 1 airline-specific area: internet booking engine (IBE)

Each area was ranked from Level 1 (basic) to Level 5 (most advanced).

As a result, the 2019 Airline Conversion Optimization Maturity Model was created (see next section).

Diggintravel Airline Conversion Optimization Maturity Model

Diggintravel Airline Conversion Optimization Maturity Model and Framework

Diggintravel Airline Conversion Optimization Maturity Model [2019 Revised Version]

The best airlines know that CRO is not a set of “hacks,” that it is not just about A/B testing your landing pages or new features. CRO is a process. It’s about building a data-driven culture and organization that supports experimentation.

The goal of the Diggintravel Airline Conversion Optimization Maturity Model is to help airlines evaluate the level of their CRO process in each of the key areas.

The Maturity Model also helps airlines strategically plan the actions needed to advance their CRO process in each area.

Progress in most cases is an evolution and step-by-step advancement, and rarely is it a revolution (skipping steps in the maturity process).

Finally, the Maturity Model is a self- assessment tool that allows airlines to realistically assess their real CRO and ecommerce competence. In a lot of cases there is an organizational belief that the company’s own ecommerce and CRO competence is at a higher level than it actually is. Only when we perform a systematic evaluation of each area (especially regarding activities in place and quantity of tests) do we usually begin to get a more realistic picture.

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Iztok Franko

I am passionate about digital marketing and ecommerce, with more than 10 years of experience as a CMO and CIO in travel and multinational companies. I work as a strategic digital marketing and ecommerce consultant for global online travel brands. Constant learning is my main motivation, and this is why I launched Diggintravel.com, a content platform for travel digital marketers to obtain and share knowledge. If you want to learn or work with me check our Academy (learning with me) and Services (working with me) pages in the main menu of our website.

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